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Must Have Tools For Wrapping a Car

Vehicle wrapping has once again become popular, due to an increase in ease of use when it comes to the vinyl it self. Whether you are looking to wrap your own car or get into the business, there are some tips and tools you will need to get started.


Before you get started you need to make sure you vehicle is clean. Giving your vehicle a full wash is a good idea, but it is also better to spot clean with Spray Nine* where you are about to apply the wrap. Using Spray Nine allows you to be sure your vehicle is clean so the vinyl has maximum stick to the surface of the car.

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Type of Vinyl

There are tons of companies that offer car vinyl/wrap and just as many differing qualities and costs. From our experience we recommend Hexis*. It is a durable and very forgiving vinyl that allows you to make some mistakes. That is half the battle with wrapping, it's fixing the tiny mistakes that are made along the way. Cheap and poor quality vinyl do not allow you to easily go back and heat the creases out of the vinyl.

*Find suggested products at bottom of page

Heat Gun

Your choice of heat gun is important, you never want to be half done wrapping a panel and then your heat gun breaks. For this one we will recommend three different heat guns depending on what you are willing to spend.

The first one is the D26960K DEWALT Heat Gun*. This heat gun is the highest quality, it comes with an LCD readout and the Dewalt name is known for reliability. The tools that come with it are not very useful and we would not recommend using them on your vehicle, but they might be nice for other projects.

The second one is the D26950 DEWALT Heat Gun*. Sticking with the Dewalt name because it is truly a reliable brand. This one is a little cheaper because it does not come with so many useless tools and does not have the LCD readout. This one is still fairly expensive because you are paying for the Dewalt name and quality.

Which brings us to the third one, the Porter-Cable Heat Gun*. This one is the cheapest one on this list, but does not mean its poor quality. We found this one to be very reliable. It has two fan speeds which is very helpful because sometimes you need a lot of heat and sometimes not. This is a great heat gun!


These next recommendations are the the reason we wrote this article, they are complete life savers!

The first set is what we call the "Tool for Every Moment" kit. It also doesn't have a name because the suppliers of Amazon must be very dry, which is why we named it. This kit gives you the squeegees to push the vinyl wrap on, magnets to hold the vinyl on the car while you line it up (extremely helpful), precision knives, and MAGNETIC tools! We cannot stress enough how nice it is to have magnetic tools! It also comes with a vinyl cutter, which is also very slick, and a glove which mostly just makes you feel like a pro. If you buy nothing else on this list, at least buy this, you can thank us later.

Knifeless Vinyl Wrap Tape will save you hours upon hours! You simply lay out the tape where you want your vinyl to be cut, you then lay down the wrap and get it flattened out how you want it and then separate the string from the tape and it cuts the vinyl perfectly where you want your line!

Seriously, it needs to be seen to be believed. Here's a video:

As with anything there are infinite products that surround it, but we wanted to give you a list of products that really do make life easier when it comes to wrapping your vehicle. It is important to note that we receive commission if you purchase these products through our links, but we would not have suggested them if we truly didn't believe in them. The purpose of Autos4All is to help make owning or looking after your car easier and we think this article/these products can help you.

Autos4All Team

Suggested Products: *

Hexis Car Vinyl - https://www.hexis-graphics.com/us/distribution-hexis-network/canada/

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