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Is The TRD Camry Cooler Than The GR Supra?

Article by Charlie Titterington

Let me get this started by saying I completely understand why Toyota needed to partner with BMW to have a straight 6 engine in the Supra. The R&D cost would have been huge which would have made the price tag very undesirable. As a Toyota fan I am disappointed though. What made previous generations of the Supra amazing was how nice they drove, which is what Toyota based the development of the Mk5 Supra on, but what made the Supra name a cult classic is the 2JZ engine. This is where Toyota missed the mark. The 2JZ engine is desirable because it could handle enormous power paired with the reliability that Toyota stands for. Toyota's name on the engine is what made the Supra popular. Despite the new Supra having a Toyota badge on the engine cover, it is not a Toyota engine.

As a Toyota fan, a Supra with a BMW heart... and BMW everything really; I don't find it sensible. What I do like about the new Supra is the looks. I can't deny that it is a very good looking car. Maybe if someone stripped all the BMW out of the car and rebuilt it with all Toyota parts I would buy it. Until then it is not on my list of Toyota's that I want someday.

When the 8th-Generation Camry came out in 2018, I instantly loved it. Even as a Toyota fan, I can't say that a Camry has ever caught my eye, but way too many times has the new Camry made me stare. What makes me stare even longer is when I see a TRD Camry. It is the most conflicting car ever. It looks really sporty, has 301 Hp with the V6, has red seat belts, but then it's still a Camry and its FWD. Lets compare the specs to the Mk5 Supra:

When you look at the specs they are dangerously close. Not so much in torque I will admit, but if FWD and 100 less torque doesn't bother you then you might already be considering that the TRD Camry is cooler than the GR Supra. Here's the defining factor that makes the Camry cooler than the Supra: It is all Toyota. Not only that, but the specs are close and in my opinion the looks of the Camry are enough to put it into contention with the Supra (hence this article).

Let me paint a picture for you. Imagine if Toyota took the AWD from other Camry trim levels they offer and paired it with the V6 TRD trim level. That would be a faster car than the Supra in its current state. Now imagine that Camry against a Subaru WRX STI. The Camry is only a turbo short of being just as cool as one of those in this conceptual idea! The TRD Camry could be so much more than Toyota allows it to be.

If the rumours are true and Toyota is actually planning on launching a GR Corolla, this could be exactly what the TRD Camry could and should be. A 300 hp AWD hatchback would fit the Toyota lineup very nicely and would definitely be on my wish list of Toyota's. Hands down the GR Corolla would be cooler than the GR Supra. Now it is up to you to decide, is the TRD Camry cooler than the GR Supra?

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