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How to Wash your Car in Alberta's Tough Winter's

Keeping your car clean in Alberta can be impossible with the constant temperature changes that occur seemingly every 5 minutes. That is why we have come up with a few tips on how to keep your car rust free and shiny:

Choice of Soap

If you live in Calgary or any other city, you understand how salty the roads can get. You want to choose a soap that protects your paint. Most car washes have decent soap that can cut the dirt and salt off your vehicle while providing protection, but this protection is temporary. Choosing to quickly wax your vehicle can add and extend the protection that some soaps offer. Car washes have all those extra options for a reason! You also need to make sure that the car wash you are using isn't cheaping out on the soap. You don't have to go ask, you can usually tell by the amount of soap that comes out of the brush. If the brush isn't overflowing with soap. then they probably cheap out on the quality of the soap to.

When to Wash

This is the hardest one to get right. It happens all too often that you wash your car and then immediately drive through a puddle. Timing is everything! Washing your car on a nice day with a chinook seems like the best day, but it is the worst. The perfect day is when everything is still frozen. There is no slush, no puddles, no salt. You should not do this when it is -40 degrees out because your doors can freeze shut, but above -15 degrees should be perfect. If you can perfect the timing you will be the cleanest car on the road! It should also be mentioned that this can't be done perfectly every time. Some times you have to go wash your car even if the conditions aren't the best. The best practice is not to let salt sit on your car for more than a week.

Use the Brush!

Yes, using the car wash is a game of minutes. The goal is to get in, get out, and keep it cheap. People will try to minimize their time in the car wash as much as possible. This often means people avoid using the brush because it takes so long. The wand soap and a rinse does not fully clean your vehicle! The brush (if used properly) gets the tough salt and dirt off that needs a little more scrubbing than pressure washing. Once your car is wet it becomes difficult to see where the salt is. Brushing your entire vehicle makes sure that rust causing salt is off. If you are new to the brush try starting at the bottom of the car and working up, this makes it easier to see where you have been because the soap runs down. The bottom line is you need to get the entire vehicle. Nothing is more embarrassing then pulling up to a stop light and people noticing all the spots you missed.

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