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Does Honda Make Good Cars?

They say that it takes years to build brand reputation and only seconds to destroy that reputation. In this modern hyper-connected world we live in, that statement has been proven time and time again. For the automotive industry though it seems that is not the case. Honda has built a reputation of reliability similar to Toyota's. That reputation has widely come from peoples experience with Honda from the 80's and 90's. It seems though that in more recent times Honda has lost its reliability, yet managed to maintain its reputation. J.D. Power ranked Honda 19th out of 33 manufactures in 2021. This follows a multi-year trend of decline for Honda.

If you care about J.D. Power studies, then you would probably be leaning towards buying a Chevrolet. They have made it abundantly clear they win J.D. Power awards. But let's be brutally honest, there is one thousand different ways to measure reliability and let's not leave it to a company to tell you what is reliable. Lets use reasoning to determine reliability!

If you care about reliability it is usually because you don't want to have to worry about fixing your car all the time. The problem with that reasoning is that everything breaks and there's no way around it. What you are really worried about is how often things will break and how expensive it will be, and let me tell you right now, Range Rover's break a lot and they're really expensive to fix, which is our mark for the lowest reliability. Our mark for highest reliability is if it breaks less and is cheaper to fix, which is a lot like Toyota.

Here is the problem we run into though. We have all run into the problem, "they don't make them like they used to." Which is very true. Increasingly, new vehicles are more expensive to fix because of more complex features and more expensive components. Lets compare a 90's Honda Civic to a 2021 Honda Civic. The older Civic is pretty basic with a simple computer to regulate the engine and maybe a nice radio system. The newer Civic has a complex computer system that is connected to not just the engine, but the cruise control, suspension, infotainment system, and the sensors. This obviously makes the repairs more expensive. This does not take into account the difference in years though, of course a newer vehicle is more expensive to fix than a used one.

Now back to the point, does Honda make good cars? The short answer is yes they do. They seemingly don't break often, but more importantly they are relatively cheap to fix. According to Repairpal the annual average repair costs of a Honda are $428. Compare that to our lowest benchmark of Range Rover at $1174, and $474 for Kia.

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