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Are Wheel Spacers Bad For Your Vehicle?

Wheel spacers are a bit of a sensitive topic on the internet. There are so many opinions on if they are good or bad, it can be hard to decide if you should buy some new rims and tires or if some wheel spacers will do the trick. The short answer is it depends on what you are doing with your vehicle. Wheel spacers bolt on to your factory wheel studs and then your wheels bolt onto the wheel spacer. This creates more distance between your wheel and the actual hub of your vehicle which is the strongest point your wheel can be secured to.

This is where what you are doing with your vehicle comes in. If you are off-roading or racing, large bolt-on wheel spacers are not the greatest idea. In both these activities you want maximum strength in your wheels and while the difference in strength may be minimal or nonexistent, it also increases the variables that keep your wheels on the vehicle. So if you are racing or off-roading and are using large bolt-on wheel spacers, you need to make sure that you have torqued them to spec and the wheels are sitting perfectly on the spacers. Small bolt-on and disc wheel spacers should be fine because they are a smaller distance from the hub. Again, they do increase the variables and caution should be taken.

If you are using your car as a daily driver and driving normally then spacers are perfectly fine to use. Spacers are designed to hold the pressure and force that can be reasonably expected from normal driving. The main thing to be cautious about is, again, making sure your rim is tight against the spacer.

That is our experience on whether or not spacers are bad or good. They tend to be fairly good, but it depends on the quality of spacers you are buying. Below we will give you a link to KSP which is a dependable trustworthy brand. From there you can pick your make and model of vehicle you have and the type of wheel spacers you would like. We also put together a list of helpful links for more information on installation.


Helpful Links

This video adds more of a visual to what we talked about above.

This video is for those of you who are not quite sure about wheel spacers and are thinking about buying new rims and tires!

This video dives more into the science of what happens when you put wheel spacers on. This guy always does a great job at explaining the boring aspects behind car projects.

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