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5 Toyota's You Would be Lucky to Have

There is no doubt that Toyota is the king of resale value. They have cooked up the perfect formula to make sure that Toyota owners are happy for a very long time. The formula is: Reliability, Extended Product Generations, and the abundance of available parts.

Reliability keeps your vehicle's price higher because it lowers the risk of buying a used vehicle. The more reliable the less chance you have of buying into a money pit! Extended product generations is Toyota's secret sauce. We'll use GMC as an example, say you bought a 2019 GMC Sierra when it was new. 2020 rolls around and GMC releases a new generation of the Sierras with an updated grille and sharper styling. Your 2019 Sierra is now visibly older, but if they left the truck the same there would be no difference besides the age. Toyota has longer generations so the difference between vehicles is minimal, this allows your car to stay newer for longer. Finally the abundance of parts, Toyota has high production volumes for most of their vehicles. This means when you buy an old Camry you know that you can fix it if something goes wrong. Once again making your vehicle desirable and keeps its value high.

Lets get into the list of 5 Toyota's with the best resale value:

5. Toyota Corolla

Image Credit: Car and Driver

The Corolla is constantly top 1 or 2 best selling car every year. It has a rich history and is proven to be easily one of the most reliable cars. It is hard to go wrong with any year of Corolla. Recently Toyota has even brought back hatchback versions of it! The average resale value for a Corolla is 40% of original price after 5 Years.*

4. Toyota Camry

Image Credit: Car and Driver

The Camry, like the Corolla, is one of the best selling vehicles of all time. It has always been a dependable car and depending of the generation a good looking one too. The Camry above is an 8th generation an looks awesome! The average resale value for a Camry is 49% of original price after 5 years.*

3. Toyota Tundra

Image Credit: Driving

The Tundra is Toyota's full size pickup truck. It has a proven reliable V8 that stands its ground against the competition. While towing capacity is not its biggest selling feature, resale value definitely could be. The average resale value for a Tundra is 57% of original price after 5 years.*

2. Toyota 4Runner

Image Credit: Road & Track

The 4Runner has become a cult classic among enthusiasts. It has a longer history than the Tundra and the Tacoma becoming a reality in 1983 based off the Toyota Trekker. It has always had impressive off road capability. The average resale value for a 4Runner is 60% of original price after 5 years.*

1. Toyota Tacoma

Image Credit: Road & Track

Finally we come to the Tacoma, it is widely known to be the least depreciating vehicle consistently every year. It's Toyota's "small" truck, which is ironic because the Tacoma is not much smaller than a Tundra. The average resale value for a Tacoma is 68% of original price after 5 years.*

There you have it, 5 Toyota's that you would be lucky to have because you can sleep easy knowing the deprecation isn't eye watering. To understand how nice the Tacoma's resale value is we need to see the other side, the worst depreciation. The average depreciation for a BMW 7 Series is 72% after 5 years. Ouch.

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*These numbers are not exact. Prices vary between markets, milage, condition, and trim level. This is not financial advice, this is meant to be a benchmark to understanding depreciation of the vehicles in concern.

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